Project Management 2020

Project Management 2020

A major IT client Project Management 2020recently invited us to speak at their customer event. The topic for the event was vision 2020. Project Management being our specialty, of course the CUPE presentation focused on Project Management 2020.

Key Developments

Project Management is a way to manage change. If you want to understand Project Management 2020, you will need to understand change 2020 first. Our view on changes is that in the coming years:

  • they will come quicker
  • there will be more
  • they will be more complex
  • they will be globalised

And this is not just our opinion. Research supports this.

Key focus areas

If you want to ensure that your organisation is capable of dealing with quicker, more, more complex and globalised change, you’ll need to focus on:

  • shifting Project Management to a higher gear
  • growing Project Management capacity
  • improving Project Management capability
  • broadening Project Management horizon

But how to do this?


Well, of course, there’s no simple solution that fits us all. It will be a combination of solutions, fitted to your organisations specific needs. Both the current and the desired future situation need to be taken into consideration to assemble a fit for purpose solution. Aligning strategy to your daily operations, working more agile, investing in an enterprise PMO and continuous focus on the development of your PM capacity and capability will be likely elements of any solution.

More on Project Management 2020?

Details on the changes, the research supporting these developments and the solutions are described in the event presentation. When you are interested in receiving the full presentation on Project Management 2020, please contact us. CUPE International offers an array of professional services, consulting and training to support you and your organisation to make the changes needed to successfully reach 2020. Our team is available to discuss your questions.