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Most organisations more than ten years old look nothing like they did even five years ago. And this change will continue. At its core, Change Management it is the transition of individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a future state. By planning carefully and building from proper foundations, implementing change will be much easier, with an improved chance of success.

Many things cause organisations to need to change. These include technology improvements, changes in regulations or strategy, new products, and improved procedures, amongst others.

Managers have to be able to introduce and manage change and this requires that they work successfully with people in order to achieve change which sticks, often while continuing to keep their normal business function running smoothly. CUPE Change Facilitators focus on ensuring that the changes are delivered well.

Whilst each change situation is unique, there are some common themes that help ensure that the change process succeeds. These themes include Changes need to be well prepared, the embedding of the change is based upon an agreed plan with people who need to support the change and while this is a job only done well by bringing  people with you, and it is vital to remember to communicate about what you are doing – all of the time.

The name CUPE stands for Change Using Project Environments and signifies our belief that change is best delivered using well-planned projects and programmes.

These should incorporate the established change management approaches to ensure that the people affected by change are engaged and supported throughout the process. It is important to achieve a successful change by making people feel they were an essential part of that success. Review our Case Study to see how we helped one of our clients to improve their performance by making changes stick.

Why not take advantage of our free 30 minute consultation service? If you or your organisation needs to implement change one of the CUPE Change Consultants will provide a 30 minute session free of charge – just fill out our contact form below!

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