STAR® CoachVirtual Classroom

  • Notion’s STAR® Coach is a multi-award-winning management skills training programme developed to improve the capability of anyone with line management responsibility for others, by enabling learners to incorporate coaching-related behaviours into their everyday management style, a skillset that has been shown repeatedly to increase employee engagement, productivity and the performance of teams.

You’ll learn:

  • About the different ‘helping styles’, where coaching fits and why it works
  • Why asking questions delivers better, longer-term results than telling or advising
  • About Notion’s STAR Coaching Model®
  • How to use triggers to stop your habitual responses to situations
  • How to ask more insightful and powerful questions
  • How to listen actively, and intuitively
  • How to gain commitment from others and to follow-up on the actions they agree


  • Apply coaching-related behaviours into your everyday management style and what makes this so impactful
  • Apply powerful questions to deliver better, longer-term results than telling or advising
  • Appy feedback techniques
  • Apply active learning
  • Completion of all 10 modules in the programme
  • Multiple choice self-assessment (At module 10)
  • Three successes logged on the Success Tracker
  • Pre and post-course assessments for course behaviours and skill levels
  • The course will take approx. 10 hours to complete

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