CUPE International – Terms & Conditions


Virtual Classroom Courses

CUPE International Ltd, hold ‘virtual classroom courses’ scheduled throughout the year.  For each course, we will provide an accredited Trainer with accredited course materials. Pre-course reading materials will be supplied to delegates prior to the event. Class sizes will be limited to a maximum of 12 delegates.

  • All materials supplied remain the property of CUPE International Ltd until payment is received in full. Copyright exists on all materials supplied in any format. Copying, transferring or storing materials, by any means, may only be performed with the express written permission of the Director of CUPE International Ltd.
  • CUPE International Ltd reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any virtual course Delegates not able to attend a re-scheduled course will be refunded the invoiced value, less the value of any non-returned or opened pre-course materials.
  • Virtual Classroom courses may also be delivered by a CUPE International Ltd Training Partner.
  • Virtual Classroom Course Delegate Cancellation and Transfer Charges apply as detailed below:


Virtual Classroom Charges

From the date of acknowledgement by CUPE International Ltd, the cancellation charges are:-


Cancellation or Transfer Fees: 
More than 28 days prior to the course start date: –         £100 +VAT.
14-28 days prior to the course start date:-                     50% of the course cost.
Within 14 days of the course start date:-                       100% of the course cost.


Trainer Approved Deferrals:
Trainer approved deferrals are free of charge for any training/ examinations postponed following advice from the Trainer. Deferrals are to be taken within a maximum of 3 months from the original course date, unless otherwise agreed. Any additional venue costs will be invoiced directly at cost.


Practitioner Exams­ Prerequisites: 
Proceeding to Practitioner will only be permitted if delegates have satisfactorily attended and completed the full Foundation course and passed the Foundation exam. Refunds are not provided if delegates do not continue to Practitioner and further charges may be incurred if additional training is required.



Online Exams

Online exams should be booked a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the required exam date.

All online exams and exam time slots are subject to availability from the relevant Exam Institute and its proctoring service.

Delegates are responsible for purchasing any new/ revised materials that may be required as a result of changes implemented by the relevant Exam Institute.  Please refer to the relevant Exam Institute for updated information on any impending changes which may affect your course.  By activating the software or logging onto the e-learning programme, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our Product License Agreement

Amendments to scheduled exams must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to the exam start time and are subject to any fees specified by the proctor service.


All late cancellations (within 24 hours of their scheduled time) and no shows will incur a fee.


Candidates will not be able to re-schedule their exam until the additional fee has been paid.


By booking an online exam it is understood that you agree to the Terms and Conditions relating to this service. Appeals for any exams results which are revoked by the relevant Exam Institute will not be processed by CUPE International Ltd if the exam rules have been breached. Failure to comply with the exam rules may lead to the exam result being voided. The exam rules include, but are not limited to:

  • The candidate must present a photo identification to the webcam when prompted i.e. passport or photo driving licence;
  • A 360° scan of the exam room must be performed with the webcam when prompted, covering the surface of the desk, under the desk, the walls, ceiling and floor areas;
  • Candidates must use a mirror, CD or other shiny surface before the exam to show the edges of the monitor and satisfy the online invigilator that there are no notes attached to the monitor edge;
  • The candidate must ensure a clean desk, with no reference materials available unless expressly allowed for that particular exam;
  • The webcam must be above the screen/monitor, pointing at the face of the candidate for the duration of the exam;
  • All applications, which do not relate to the online exam, must be closed on the computer;
  • The candidate must be alone in a quiet, private, well-lit room. Televisions, radios, telephones, headsets, earphones or any other electronic devices are prohibited;
  • The candidate must not communicate with any other person by any means for the duration of the examination.


It is essential that candidates complete a system check to ensure compatibility with the relevant proctoring service.


For APMG Exams

There are a number of regulations that need to be followed in order for the online exam to be valid.  A full list of the regulations can be found on the

APMG website


Click on this link to see if your computer is suitable for taking the online exam

APMG System Check


For APM Exams

Click on this link to see if your computer is suitable for taking the online exam

APM System Check


Exams at CUPE International Ltd

All exam bookings must be made a minimum of 10 days prior to the required exam date and are subject to availability.

Cancellations to exam dates will be subject to the following additional fees;

Period of notice given
before exam date:
Over 30 days 0% of exam fee    
15-30 days 50% of exam fee  
11-14 days 75% of exam fee  
10 working days or fewer 100% of exam fee  


Changes to exam dates will be subject to the following additional fees;

The following terms and conditions must be adhered to for all exams; failure to do so could result in the exam result being revoked and a new exam fee payable.

  • The candidate must arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior the exam start time
  • The candidate must bring a photo ID in the form of a passport, photo driving license or national photo ID card otherwise he/she will not be permitted to sit the examination and a new exam fee will be payable
  • Calculators are not usually required for exams.  If a calculator is required, you will be advised separately of the type that is allowed for the exam.
  • For the Practitioner examination, the candidate’s own annotated manual is permitted during the exam. NO additional support material is permitted; this includes post it notes (other than for the tabulation of the sections of the manual), or stapled sheets.
  • No late arrivals will be allowed into the exam room.  All candidates are responsible for arriving at the exam on time and no excuses will be permitted. A further exam fee will be payable for a new exam if a candidate is late.
  • A candidate is allowed to reschedule the exam date for a fee of £75 plus UK VAT providing the change is made more than one month in advance of the booked exam date.
  • The exam fee will not be refunded if the candidate wishes to cancel the booking.
  • Exams cannot be transferred or re-sold to another party.


In-House Courses

Where Delegates are required to be trained on-site, the Client may organise his/her own event using the venue of their choice.  The venue should be equipped with tables and chairs which are arranged ‘u-shaped’ for training and ‘classroom-style’ for the examinations.  The room should be equipped with an A1 flip-chart or white-board. Refreshments (water/tea/coffee) and washroom facilities should be available nearby.

  • CUPE International Ltd will deliver the course content as described in the quotation.
  • CUPE International Ltd will provide pre-course reading materials prior to the commencement of the course.  These will be sent to the Client’s Course Coordinator when confirmation of a booking and payment/ purchase order have been received.
  • Details of Delegates attending a course must be forwarded to CUPE International Ltd at least 2 weeks prior to the commencement of the event.  Failure to do so could lead to the Delegates not being registered with the relevant Exam Institute.
  • CUPE International Ltd reserve the right to cancel or discontinue the course if, in the Trainer’s opinion, the venue or conditions are unsuitable.
  • All material supplied remains the property of CUPE International Ltd until payment has been received in full.  Copyright exists on all materials supplied in any format.  Copying, transferring or storing material by whatever means may only be performed with the express written permission of the Director of CUPE International Ltd.


Payment Terms

  • CUPE payment terms – payment is made no later than by the first day of course commencement for client courses and 14 days prior to course commencement on public schedule bookings.
  • We accept PO Numbers (details required on invoice should be included with PO requests)
  • Payments can be made via BACS, credit card or PayPal (details are available on request)
  • Payments for courses booked via the website will be taken immediately.


Cancellation and Course Transfer Charges for In-House Courses

Cancellation or Course Transfer Requests must be made, either in writing or by e-mail to the CUPE Course Administrator. From the date of acknowledgement by CUPE International Ltd, the cancellation and transfer charges are:

More than 6 weeks’ notice prior to the course start date:          Any expenses incurred at cost
4-6 weeks’ prior to the course start date:                                       50% of the course cost
Within 4 weeks’ of the course start date:                                       100% of the full course cost

The cost of all course materials supplied will be charged.  Ownership of materials supplied will pass to the Client following payment of charges.



All certificates are issued as e-certificates. Paper copies can be purchased from the relevant Exam Institute, if required, for an additional fee.



Copyright and all intellectual property rights for all Course Materials shall remain the property of CUPE International Ltd. The Customer agrees not to reproduce, sell, hire or copy Course Materials (in whole or in part) and not to use such materials except for the purposes of post course reference.


Personal Belongings

Personal belongings and items belonging to or in the possession of the Customer or Delegate brought on to CUPE International Ltd training courses/ exam sessions are the sole responsibility of the owner. CUPE International Ltd accepts no responsibility for any theft or damage to personal belongings at training courses or exam sessions.



All VAT chargeable purchases will be charged using the current UK VAT rate for all services carried out in the UK and for all products where VAT is applicable.