Advisory & Consultancy

Research and audit experience tells us that there are a few specific challenges when doing projects, programmes and portfolios, whatever the line of business.  And some of these challenges lend themselves to being solved objectively through consultancy.

Developing a better end to end PPM model

The number one challenge is selecting the right things to do. Too many change processes are commenced without proper understanding of the value they’ll add. Selecting the right ones, means you’re selecting success! Once started, challenge number two is keeping things on track. Everyone struggles with changes, scope and progressive insight.

If you’re able to control this complexity, your performance levels will rise tremendously. Last but definitely not least, you need the ‘right man for the job’. Get a clear picture of the actual level of complexity you’re facing and the required level of competency necessary to succeed with our consultancy services!

CUPE International Case Studies:


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