In-House Company CourseThe best way to train groups of staff on your premises

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In-House Company CourseCUPE’s in-house option is the best way to train groups of staff on your premises.

The course can be scheduled to fit in with your company’s calendar and for groups of 4 or more this works out more cost-effective than having them attend a public course.

An added advantage of an in-house course is that the materials and pace can be tailored to your organisation. Case studies can be developed to reflect the types of situations that your staff encounters and time can be set aside to discuss issues that they face.

The whole CUPE Portfolio of subjects can be trained in an in-house setting. These courses can be at Foundation, Practitioner or combined Foundation and Practitioner level depending on the need of the delegates. Exams can be taken at the end of the course but these are optional which helps to keep the cost down.
Each delegate will receive a delegate pack of the official manual, a paper folder of course material plus the optional exam if required.

The cost of the course is made up of a trainer day rate, the number of delegate packs and trainer expenses recharged at cost.

Please use the form below to express your interest in an in-house course. The information we will need is:

  • the course you would like us to run
  • the number of delegates
  • the level of the course (Foundation/ Practitioner)
  • whether exams will be required for all or some of the delegates
  • the town or city in which the training will take place
  • approximately when you would like the training to take place


With this information we will be able to put together a detailed quote. Many organisations have benefitted from a CUPE in-house course; contact us today and start a conversation!

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