Professional Services

Transformation leaders know there are times when it makes sense to engage a professional business partner, to help the organisation move forwards, more quickly and with more certainty.

If you are managing a programme or transformational change, with limited team resources, you may have capacity to fix immediate project, programme and portfolio management (PPM) issues, but not the capability or capacity to:

  • Conduct PPM audit, plan and support process improvements, and re-audit.
  • Develop a stakeholder conference for selection of an innovative new product.
  • Establish a new way of working, g. introduce a system for Earned Value Management, and then operate the installed reporting tools, and implement management actions.
  • Introduce more robust PPM practice, e.g. facilitate benefits or risk workshops.
  • Provide immediate specialist resources; e.g. Benefits, EVM or Risk Management roles
  • Support a project, programme or portfolio team with dedicated On-site or Off-site staff

We appoint a dedicated PPM Account Manager – who works on your Programme. By engaging CUPE Professional Services, you gain access to our extensive experienced PPM network, which will significantly increase Customer Benefits and reduce project, programme or portfolio RISK.

 Before commencing contracted work, we will agree and perform essential health checks, e.g.

  • Audit Practice checks on commencing the assignment – with advisory comments:
  • Review of PPM planning documents and a draft question list raised on your behalf;
  • Benefits and Risk registers are reviewed with questions highlighted.

 The PPM Account Manager is based off-site, ordinarily connecting virtually; although on-site meetings are provided when needed.

Because CUPE Professional Services provides an Account Manager who understands your PPM environment, they will be engaged and ready to support you; – if the unexpected happens, you can rely on our Account Manager, to provide immediate help supported by the CUPE Team.

Click here to see our Professional Services road map to support client change programmes: or call our certified consultants to discuss tailoring the road map to fit your programme goals – we can provide support offsite or onsite, part-time or full-time; it’s up to you!

We’ll set up a call with one of our specialist experts to match your challenge. Whatever option you choose, CUPE Professional services will reduce PPM pain and restore your peace of mind!