CUPE International is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.

The key points of its strategy to achieve this are: 

    1. Work towards being Carbon Net Zero by 2030
    2. Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possibleMinimise toxic emissions through the selection and use of its equipment and the source of its power requirement.
    3. Actively promote recycling both internally and amongst its customers and suppliers.
    4. Source and promote a product range to minimise the environmental impact of both production and distribution.
    5. Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the Company.
    6. Choose public transport wherever possible and appropriate.


Current operations include:

    1. Recycling all wastepaper as scrap or in an official recycling scheme.
    2. Printing double sided, unless inappropriate.
    3. Recycling tins, plastics, cardboard and other items that the local council will collect.
    4. Re-using boxes for packaging where suitable.
    5. Partnering other organisations to re-use bubble wrap which would otherwise be wasted.
    6. Encouraging car sharing where possible.
    7. Giving materials to trainers to take to courses where possible to avoid sending them.
    8. Sending items to clients in batches unless inappropriate.
    9. Reduce the frequency of ordering to reduce the impact of deliveries. Where possible, use online materials
    10. Utilising technology to avoid travel where possible.
    11. Moving to a remote working model to reduce travel and environmental impact of buildings maintenance of a small team.

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