CUPE International is making effective changes!

CUPE International is making effective changes!

CUPE International is in the business of change and as any other organisation, we too are constantly changing to ensure that we keep up with the dynamics of evolving businesses, markets, products and services. Last year, we expanded our geographical horizon through mergers and became CUPE International. A change that has proven very successful. We are gaining even more recognition and have solidified our reputation as the first choice project consultancy organisation for making effective change. Consultancy and Professional Services on project, programme and portfolio management now are, next to Learning & Development, equally represented in our offering.

With the actual organisational change being a fact, it’s time to match our online presence to our physical presence. We are delighted to launch the new CUPE International companion website. A website that provides a more in-depth look into the consultancy and professional services branches of CUPE with the aim of better providing our clients with the information and advice they need and the ways that CUPE can help them.

The website is not a ‘finished’ product but the first of many evolutions still to come. It will reflect changes as they present themselves to us. And since we don’t think to know everything, we are happy to invite you to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback anytime!

For those seeking details of our training and development courses, please visit our main website where you can read more about and book from our range of project, programme and portfolio management courses, at both in-house and public venues.

We look forward to providing more information, events, offers and features in the coming months!

As always, for more information and advice, feel free to call us on +44 (0) 1202 555 733 or fill out a contact form.