Using Templates to Deliver PPM, Change, Risk and Business Resilience

By Sheila Roberts

Participation as a panellist on the APMG Level Up 184 looking at ‘project management must have templates’ set me thinking about how useful templates are. This is true for project, programme and portfolio management, Business Resilience, change management, and risk management.

CUPE International

Why am I in favour of templates? I believe they bring many benefits which include:

  • Consistency between individuals and projects to include the same areas for consideration
  • Enabling relevant Board members or Sponsors to understand the document more effectively
  • Providing a good starting point for those who are less familiar with what is needed
  • Enabling some automation and consistency – to enable comparisons and reduce errors
  • Saving time to complete so attention can be on implementation

If you would like to hear what the five Level Up expert panellists had to say go to Episode 184 – Level Up your Career – Your must have project management templates or search for the podcast.

Business Resilience

Templates should not add bureaucracy or unnecessary burden. This is why the Business Resilience Templates ( Tools & templates – Resilience Professionals ) utilise the tried and tested templates already in use in organisations to deliver progress and simply add the Business Resilience perspective to initiatives which are being undertaken. In this way sustained progress delivered at pace can be achieved.

At Resilience Professionals and CUPE International we are helping organisations to add Business Resilience to their delivery of progress.

We are running workshops, providing lectures and webinars to demonstrate how to make great use of the templates you already have and strengthen the organisation’s resilience. It is an incremental approach which will deliver more in results than the effort it requires.

This is because the Business Resilience templates recognise what is already good practice and do not advocate replacing and starting from scratch.


Whether your resilience focus is financial, supplier network, environmental, staffing or product development the Business Resilience Framework and templates can help to ensure that there is a focus on your Progress Definition to make progress and improve resilience. Contact for a free half hour discussion with a Business Resilience expert about your priorities.

Sheila Roberts – COO of CUPE International, Chief Progress Officer Resilience Professionals, PPM Trainer and Examiner, AXELOS Quality Reviewer, APM Assessor for Chartered Project Professionals; Chair of Examiners for APM, Accredited APMG Trainer: Author and Trainer for Business Resilience