Strategic Project Leadership – Lead to Win

Strategic Project Leadership – Lead to WinTM

Strategic Project Leadership – Lead to WinTM, or SPL, integrates business, innovation, leadership, and team power in one model. The focus is on business outcome, rather than product output.

Strategic Project Leadership - the SPL way

The SPL Way represents an evolution in project management. It turns project management into a strategic business-focused system, in addition to the tactical process of completing a project on time. SPL is driven by four principles – Business, Innovation, Leadership and Team Power.

Become a project leader

This is what you’ll get from attending the SPL course:

  • The mindset, skills, and tools you need to lead your projects for superior business results and leverage the power of innovation
  • Become a better leader by inspiring your team for amazing performance
  • Claim the right PDUs to respond to PMI’s new rules
  • Boost your career – Get certified as Strategic Project Leader®
  • Join the SPL network of certified SPL leaders for research updates and consultation.

How SPL is doing it?

SPL is adding new techniques and tools to the traditional way:

  • the business focus on value and competitiveness
  • the adaptive approach to innovation and context, and
  • the inspirational leadership for inspiring and motivating the team.

Strategic Project Leadership - stepping stones

Evidence based method

SPL is unique in being research based and not just a best practice. It was developed during more than 20 years of research and consulting to major corporations. It engaged 32 researchers in dozens of studies, which led to over 150 publications, research articles in leading journals, five books, and 7 Ph.D. dissertations.

Diamond Leadership Institute

CUPE International is pleased to have signed a partnership agreement with the Diamond Leadership Institute. The partnership enables us to add the Strategic Project Leadership products to our portfolio. There are new SPL certification courses, business workshops and audit products available.

The SPL programme’s founder is Dr. Shenhar. He is a fellow of PMI Institute, and one of the world’s leading scholars in project management and leadership. Dr. Shenhar was the presenter of a week tutor certification programme in Oslo, Norway. David Roberts represented  CUPE International at the programme. CUPE International is now one of a leading group of Project Consultancies fully licensed to deliver the Strategic Project Leadership approach. David Roberts has been working with Dr. Shenhar for over two years. He is delighted to finally have the opportunity to move this initiative forwards in 2016.


Please get in touch to find out how the SPL approach is already improving project success with forward looking global organisations, and address ‘the High Cost of Low Performance’ which has been well documented in the Pulse of the Profession, 2014, by the Project Management Institute.

Just speak to one of the team at CUPE International.

CUPE will be hosting a free webinar explaining SPL in more depth shortly. If you’re interested in attending, please let us know and we will make sure to contact you.