PMO Consultancy Services in Ghana

PMO Consultancy Services in Ghana

PMO Consultancy services

CUPE International’s David Roberts and Sheila Roberts are in Ghana this week. They are on-site delivering PMO 
consultancy services
to support an international bank’s Project Management Office (PMO) as a Centre of Excellence. Being on-site for a week is part of a bigger, long-term project where the client is supported both on-site as virtually. For this project, CUPE International partners with local consultant Jean Beeko Asare from Sterling Projects Group. It is an excellent example of how we combine local knowledge and expertise with our global specialist experience to generate the best consultancy approach for the client.

The project

The client – in pursuance of its transformation programme – requires a significant number of new initiatives to be coordinated and implemented. They want to use programme office and project methodologies with a view to keeping one step ahead of competitors whilst improving attractiveness to investors. PMO and Project Management method handbooks with processes and procedures were developed and implemented by CUPE in 2013. The client now desired taking their PMO to the next level. The goal is to establish a high performance PMO that is capable of managing the clients projects more effectively to deliver transformational change. There are three concrete objectives:

  • develop a higher level of capability in Programme Office and Project Management
    direct support to PM staff for on-going initiatives;
  • development of professional skills;
  • transfer capabilities to the PMO.

The solution chosen is an outsourced Centre of Excellence. The Centre of Excellence will support the PMO team in the delivery of the Bank’s strategic implementation plan through a combination of on-site and off-site services. This will enhance the capacity and capability within the PMO and enable the Bank to maintain its focus on the delivery of projects on time, cost, quality, benefits, scope and risk.

Real life

So, what does a day in Ghana look like this week for David and Sheila? David will lead items on the definition and prioritisation of benefits, creation of the business case, development of user stories and portfolio prioritisation. Sheila will be in charge of the programme where requirements workshops, option selection, stakeholder mapping and investment appraisals are concerned. Another day will be spent in a workshop with the Executive Team to prioritise the portfolio of projects for the next year, ensuring maximisation of benefits whilst delivering efficiently. A wealth of knowledge and experience will be shared in 3 very valuable days, accelerating the desired raise of the PMO to the highest gear.


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