International Project Management Day

International Project Management Day

It may seem strange to have an International Project Management day when project managers do not deliver a common set of products such as medical treatments or legal representation. There are International Doctors, Dentists, Accountants, Lawyers and Engineers’ days and so this brings the recognition of project management as a profession into line with other professions. I was a lone wolf in my organisation when I first learnt about project management in the last century and the profession has come a long way in terms of skills recognition in the past few decades.

One strong aspect of the project management profession is that it provides many life skills as well as professional skills. If a young person were to be given the guidance that they need to think about what they want to achieve, plan to achieve it, identify what is required as interim milestones, monitor their progress and to manage the risks and issues which will come their way, it would probably be seen as sound advice. In addition they will be advised about the need to learn to collaborate and work as part of a team, learn to motivate others to deliver, to facilitate meetings to be productive and be a great communicator. This would result in a successful and productive person with skills that will help them whether they are seeking to do well in a specific job, manage their career or to improve how they deal with their personal or social interactions.

In short, the skills needed in order to manage a project can be used no matter what you are doing. So why aren’t all young people learning project management? Many universities now include project management modules in their degrees and teach some of the skills as parts of other courses. We think this is a step in the right direction.

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Happy International Project Management Day from the team at CUPE!