Don’t Just Bounce Back – Bounce Forward – to Progress

‘Business agility is the ability to realize and sustain its full potential both in terms of its profits and its people, regardless of internal or external changes. It enables organizations to innovate and deliver more effectively, while thriving in complex environments, turning market disruption into competitive advantage.’ Accenture 2020.

    We’ve seen how environmental, technological, and cultural change is faster and more unpredictable than ever; and VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) is the new normal for Global Business. Some struggle to navigate disruptive times, whilst others do it with ease, demonstrating adaptiveness, creativity and resilience.  Agility is essential at all levels to thrive and survive today

    Surfing the Wave: As a change consultancy CUPE International is staying alert to businesses and individuals bouncing back; Governments offer bounce back loans in many countries and people are talking about getting back to normal; that is – working in a new normal. We focus on helping you build the resilient workforce to bounce forward into your unique new normal. A journey to the competitive edge which might start by bouncing back but quickly moves to bouncing forwards. One thing is certain, as your new normal is already evolving, training must happen at pace.  

    How should this be done? At CUPE International we’re helping our clients make a great start on their new normal vision today. Future working means closer client collaboration; a clear purpose to deliver more customer value. And dynamic and adaptable frameworks to improve business agility and deliver progress at pace. The Covid 19 pandemic is a painful example of a VUCA environment. The good news is that CUPE International can help you by improving professional resilience and building business agility. Our focus is succeeding on the up-waves and down-waves; making progress by bouncing back, and then bouncing forwards to secure a competitive edge. We call this approach Progress at Pace, where we help your teams overcome disconcerting environments using our MEST framework: building capabilities and qualities with tools and techniques to make Progress at Pace:

    • Mind-set to adapt and grow,
    • Energy-set to be motivated to make the changes,
    • Skill-set to have the practices needed and
    • Tool-set to embed the practices.

      Lockdown is being eased in different ways and at different paces; it sets challenges for all organisations and particularly global ones. CUPE International is a UK registered business with our HQ in UK; but many of our customers and partners are global. Our work spans all continents (except Antarctica) and many countries; so we are  building more resilience and business agility with our clients, so their business solutions can be adapted at pace, in differing environments with the possibility of further lockdown at short notice.

      We know you are experts in your Businesses and markets, and that you want to build capability & capacity for the new normal.  Our aim is to help you overcome challenges on the journey;

      • Explore how to pivot service delivery to meet market needs;
      • How to energise teams to do it in a VUCA environment
      • Ensuring Progress at pace and much to celebrate.

      30 minutes could make a significant performance improvement: book a free discussion with a CUPE International Consultant today to explore how you can, not just bounce back but bounce forward.

      E-mail us at:  or Telephone: +44(0)1202 555 711