CUPE International Agility Response To Covid 19 With Another First

By Sheila Roberts

CUPE International has been first to do many things over the years. First Accredited Consulting Organisation (ACO), first jointly accredited Training and Consulting organisation (ATO and ACO), first to train MoV, first to deliver Facilitation, piloted Agile Digital Services and Agile Scrum Master, piloted the APMG new booking system, in the first cohort of Chartered Project Professional Assessors, CEO and COO are the first married APM CHPPs, in the first 10 Chartered Management Consultants and so on.

Now CUPE International is at the forefront again. We are the first Accredited Training Organisation to deliver a course using the new APMG Learning Platform.

This week we are running an accredited Better Business Cases course virtually using the platform.

We have delivered consulting and training virtually for many years training has always been a compromise situation to enable international students join who would otherwise not have had the opportunity.

Courses, largely, have used the same classroom model with people connected remotely.

Our consulting continues to work well virtually and we are currently supporting an international research project which has outsourced the EVM to CUPE International.

In the current situation we have reimagined the classroom and said that we need to design the course around the group being remote and ensure there are plenty of interactive opportunities. Our approved Better Business Cases trainer have been closeted (virtually of course) with the materials deciding how to change them to add more activities which involve the participants.

In a classroom this happens naturally by the trainer asking a question and perhaps turning to a flip chart to record something. Now, the materials have been reviewed to add more polls, exercises, break out group and whiteboard exercises.

This has been done as we know that the participants will all have other things on their minds, they will be joining from home with others likely to be around and may be stressed about other things due to the Covid 19 situation.

We are delighted to be using our business agility know how to ensure we continue to be at the forefront of meeting your needs, whatever the situation. Our name CUPE – Change Using Project Environments – enables us to be agile in making the changes needed to progress at pace. So, if you have any questions about projects, programmes, portfolios or the things which enable them, ask CUPE.