Are you going to be a Chartered Project Professional?

Today is the Big Day!

The registration for Chartered Project Professional status opens today! This is a real red letter day for the profession. It signifies acknowledgement and recognition of the people involved in projects as professionals. Any project is significant, whether it costs many millions or just a few thousand.

Projects will bring change of some sort and change is challenging to manage. Any project professional is in a demanding position of dealing with the delivery of project outputs at the same time as working with the business as usual team to implement the outcomes. Recognition of the skills and professionalism required for successful delivery is an excellent stride forward for all those people who work extremely hard, at times in difficult circumstances, to make a difference.

The Route to becoming Chartered

apmThere is a lot of information available to help individuals apply for Chartered status which can be found on the APM website link at the end of this blog. In summary there are three routes to become chartered.

  1. Recognising prior technical knowledge
  2. Recognising prior technical knowledge and professional practice
  3. Experience of projects without having undertaken recognised qualifications or assessments.

The Benefits of becoming Chartered

This is an excellent opportunity to differentiate yourself in a market which now has many, many individuals who hold qualifications but not evidence of competent application to projects. Some benefits to consider are:

  • Personal recognition from your peers in project management and other professions.
  • Enhanced CV to stand out in the job market.
  • A framework for the development of your career.
  • International recognition.
  • Assurance for clients of high standards and ethical practice.
  • Assurance to employers and clients of commitment to CPD.
  • Use of the post nominal ChPP.
  • Increased understanding, helping you to work more effectively.

How can CUPE help

CUPE International are actively supporting the introduction of the new ChPP standard as one of the CUPE Directors has been appointed to be a ChPP Assessor as well as providing input through organisations such as ASPECT to develop the standard. We are looking forward to ChPP becoming a requirement for all organisations wishing to deliver successful projects and to demonstrate to clients a commitment to excellence.

The next step

Many of you will want to pursue the new Chartered status to stand out amongst your peers. If you would like to talk through what is required or the process please do not hesitate to contact the CUPE Lead on Chartered Project Professionals by e-mailing or phoning on +44 (0)1202 555711.