APM BoK 7 Training and Extension of BoK 6 Exams

By Sheila Roberts

The APM brought out the BoK 7 guidance last year and now the exams are also available. The PFQ and PMQ are the exams currently available with PPQ to come later in the year. It is an exciting development as the new exams take account of the new material which is included in BoK 7.

The biggest change is that there is inclusion of the iterative approaches to project management as well as linear.

Iterative projects are also known as being managed using an agile approach. Most project management training causes you to choose either linear – such as PRINCE or iterative such as PMI ACP.

The BoK 7 recognises that both are relevant to most organisations and sometimes in the same project. Whilst the details of agile working are shown in greater detail in Agile Project Management or Scrum Master the ability to move between these approaches is unique to APM.

Another significant new chapter relates to the wellbeing of the project team. This is particularly relevant in this time of global pandemic which has

The APM has definitely moved with the current thinking in making this change but the great information available on the areas you need to manage projects is still there including planning, risk, change, organisation, reporting and controls. It still recognises that many projects work in a programme environment or as part of a portfolio so these areas are still covered as well.

If you work in an area where you feel that the iterative approaches are not relevant and want to do the BoK 6 exams there is good news for you too.

APM has extended the transition period for the BoK 6 exams until December 2020 in light of the coronavirus situation. So take advantage of the tried and tested e-learning and exams available from CUPE International. Whichever version you would like we can help.

Contact the team at CUPE International to discuss the best way forward for you. Team@cupeinternational.com or 01202 555711. We are here to support your project management development.