Advancing Your Career During Coronavirus Lockdown

By Sheila Roberts

The world is in an unprecedented time. This sentence is being said again and again but is so true. Never before has the world had more than a third of the population under lockdown conditions. Whilst it has constraints there are also opportunities. I can hear you wondering how we can suggest advancing your career during this time.

This is an opportunity to review your current situation, identify where you would like to be and prepare. Whilst we are all adapting to changing how we are working we do not have the usual social commitments to hobbies, clubs, friends and family.

For people on furlough work is also suspended, giving lots of time to consider what you really want to do. Have you thought it would be great to get that promotion but didn’t have time to gain the experience or study for the qualification required? 

Experience can be gained in lots of ways with plenty of resources available using either the internet or virtual collaboration tools. If your experience requires hands on face to face it may be a matter of being ready to do it and developing an understanding of what you will do as soon as the situation is possible. 

Many advancements require evidence that you have knowledge, understanding or competence in a field. Some of the ways to demonstrate this are through qualifications and assessments.

Qualifications and assessments can be achieved by virtual means. Not only can you use e-learning and online exams, but there is live virtual learning so you have the human interaction and also virtual assessments through a dialogue approach.

These assessments can lead to recognised competence confirmations such as Chartered Project Professional, Chartered Management Consultant or co competence to practice such as Accelerating Collaboration Everywhere Practitioner.

Considering competence assessments this week. These are by a written application plus a dialogue by interview.

The knowledge element is either by having a recognised test which is accepted by the awarding body or by assessment during discussion.

The interviews use technology to enable them to be conducted remotely and so you can take advantage of this during a time of reduced face to face interaction.

Here at CUPE International we have people who are Assessors for these higher level awards of Chartered or Advanced Practitioners. We can support you to apply and through the process.

If you would like to have a discussion about how to get ahead and emerge from this time of social distancing ahead of the crowd call us on 01202 555711 or mail . Don’t worry the conversation will not only be confidential it will also be free of charge!