By Sheila Roberts,  Deputy Chair of ASPECT

ASPECT is growing. More learning providers are recognising the need to differentiate themselves for higher quality standards than those needed for accreditation.

The AGM on September 6th noted that the membership had increased since the introduction of a nominal membership fee, demonstrating the need for the organisation.

Why join?

It’s a question we ask ourselves, as ASPECT Officers, regularly. As a Trade Organisation we represent members (CUPE International is a founding member) and provide value from the membership. The answer to the question is that we offer insight to the current market trends, reflecting the voice of the customer and hold events which are useful to the member organisations, enhancing the value added to our customers. 

The ASPECT twice yearly market trends census goes out for any PPM training and consulting organisation to respond to and captures the views of those in the market on current performance of the accreditation bodies, strength of the market, forecasts and comparison with last year.

We provide opportunities to discuss with the accreditation bodies what they are offering and suggestions for changes, to improve the service we offer to our customers. There is an appointed Liaison Officer for each accreditation body to work on specifics. This has resulted in improvements for everyone – not just ASPECT members. This is particularly important for our customers.

Recently we held an event for ASPECT members to participate in a training day on the use of social media for our organisations. We previously had a day with the PRINCE2 Chief Examiner after the introduction of PRINCE2 2017. These have been very well received by the members who attended. We are planning the next event now and are always striving to have an impact on the improvement in project and programme delivery, resulting from our efforts to deliver to a higher quality standard.

So, this is why CUPE International is committed to continued membership of ASPECT and upholding the higher quality standards required of the organisation. You can see more on the ASPECT website https://www.aspect-association.com/ or to ask more contact Sheila Roberts, as Deputy Chair of ASPECT, for a discussion. Sheila.Roberts@cupeinternational.com