Using Online Exams with Different Exam Institutes

By Sheila Roberts

The different Exam Institutes

So much of life has moved online. This includes exams. CUPE International offers project, programme and portfolio management exams across different Exam Institutes and so a brief review of the online exam requirements seemed sensible. This is the first blog which covers the common areas for online exams, irrespective of the exam institute.

All participants can now take online exams across the different PPM exams.

CUPE International has worked with all the Exam Institutes to understand the way their exams work. Whichever Exam Institute software is being used there are some common hints.

The most important is to be prepared early. Check your location, network connection, technical requirements and equipment.

Common Requirements of All Exam Institutes

APM, Peoplecert and APMG exams have some common requirements:

Book the exam with an Approved Organisation.

Book within the specified time limits and check the penalties if you need to change the time or date.

The exam is taken in a room which enables the candidate to be alone and without reference materials. The candidate must not be disturbed by anyone opening the door or phoning during the exam.

All the online exams require photo identification such as passport or photo driving licence.

It is best to use the system test link which is offered when you receive your exam confirmation e-mail. Do this at a realistic time so that the network demands for bandwidth are likely to be similar.

For all exams ensure you know the rules – check if you can have a drink, food, use the toilet during the exam, have reference materials etc.

CUPE International Offers PPM Online Exams (and training or self-study) Including:

APM PFQ, APM PMQ (including for PRINCE2 Practitioners), APM PPQ, APM Risk Management Level 1, Agile Business Consortium Scrum Master, AgilePM, Agile Digital Services, Agile Programme Management, Better Business Cases, Change Management, Earned Value Management, Facilitation, FitSM, Managing Benefits.

Others are available through partner organisations and we are always evolving so check the website for the most up to date list.

If you would like to find out more about online exams see the next blog or contact the CUPE Team. Tel: +44 (0)1202 55571