Understanding the new Agile Business Analyst Qualification

The Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA) qualification is coming. What is it and where does it fit in?

From the name you will have gathered that this focuses on the role of the Business Analyst (BA) in Agile projects. It is linked to DSDM Agile but can be linked to any Agile method. How does this fit with other BA Qualifications? The most widely adopted BA qualifications are currently from BCS and IIBA. These both focus on the general BA role and are not specific to projects. They teach BA skills, tools and techniques to be used.

AgileBA covers the most commonly used BA tools and techniques. IT also identifies how the BA interacts with the rest of the project team; where the BA input is most useful and what input and why. In an Agile project the BA is involved throughout the lifecycle. They are not simply to analyse the “as is” position and possibly some options at the staff, than in lording over to the project team.

If you want to undertake the BA role in an Agile project, understand how the BA role can help, learn the tools and techniques or to understand how an Agile projects works with the added value of BA tools and techniques then contact a member of the CUPE Team to find out more!