Training for the Future

By Sheila Roberts

The current forecasts show that the next few years have enormous uncertainty facing us. Not only is it expected that there will be a second wave of coronavirus infections and subsequent lockdowns, even if local, but also a huge economic impact globally. Whilst CUPE International cannot impact the health outcomes, other than maintaining social distancing and good hygiene, we can help with the impact on individuals and organisations of the economic effects.

In all previous recessions the people and organisations that have fared best, economically, are those who are well trained, offer a good attitude to work and bring something fresh.

If you are reading this blog it is likely that you have a good mind-set and so are likely to be finding fresh ideas to bring to any employer.

This includes adaptability to changing circumstances. If this is combined with being well trained you will find what you need, whether promotion, change of direction or secure employment.

You may say that CUPE International would promote training because that’s our business and you are right. However, the reason we care passionately about training is because we know it puts you in a good position to succeed, with certification providing proof that you have achieved understanding of the subject matter.

In his book good to great Jim Collins refers to the hedgehog concept because the hedgehog knows how to survive.

The concept combines what you are passionate about, what you can excel at and what brings revenue.

The CUPE International Team is passionate about projects and the things which support them, we have excellent exam pass rates and this is how we earn our revenue – although our Exam Plus options are such good value that our CEO questions the break-even!    

Whether you work with projects, project teams, development teams or product teams we have something to enhance your skills and knowledge. All our courses are available as virtual or self-paced learning to enable you to take advantage of this time when other activities are less possible.

Contact the CUPE Team to advise you on the best match for you. or +44 (0)1202 555711. We will give you an honest opinion which includes saying that you would not benefit if there is not a good match for you.