The APM PMQ exam is going online and BoK 6 is extended!

By Sheila Roberts

We have been asked for several years about taking the APM PMQ exam online and recently about how long people can take BoK 6 exams. Currently it is not possible to take APM PMQ online, as it is only a paper based exam and this has been withdrawn due to the coronavirus. This has created restrictions for everyone as it means that no APM PMQ exams can be taken. It will soon be possible to take the exam online! The format of the exam will remain the same but access will be online.

At CUPE International we will provide the online APM PMQ service, as an option, as soon as it is available and we have just been advised by APM that bookings for the PMQ exam will be possible from Monday 6th April. Once the current situation is resolved you will still be able to come to the CUPE Office or go to one of our partners to take the paper exam. We recently made Saturday exams available to enable those people who find taking time out during the working week difficult to still take the exam. Now we will embrace the online option to help you gain the qualification at any time.

As yet we don’t have any information about the system technical requirements but it will use a tried and tested platform. Based on the experience of the APM PFQ exams which have been available online for several years there will be an additional cost but this is being subsidised by APM so that the exam cost will be the same as the paper version until the end of the coronavirus crisis.

We are also pleased to announce that the BoK 6 exams will now be available until December 31st 2020, instead of not being able to be booked from May 1st 2020. This is to deal with the current situation where many people want to sign up to distance learning courses but the BoK 7 courses are delayed by many providers due to the current restrictions. This gives the opportunities to those people who have self-studied or used distance learning to study the materials and will be able to take their exams up until the end of December 31st 2020.

CUPE International continues to provide APM PFQ and APM PMQ e-learning or distance learning (hard copies) for people to study at their own pace, with tutorial support if required. The APM PFQ exams remain possible as they are already online and can be taken from home. The APM PMQ exams will be possible from April 6th and as soon as CUPE International has more information we will share this with you.

This option will be great for those people who are undertaking distance or e-learning courses. It will fit with their timings and location. It will also be good for the people who are reflective learners, did not take their exam or need to re-sit and preferred to take a little time after attending a course to consolidate their learning.

The other exams which CUPE International offers are still available online. These include Agile Project Management, Agile Programme Management, Agile Digital Services, Agile Business Consortium Scrum Master, Better Business Cases, Change Management, Earned Value Management, Facilitation, FitSM and Managing Benefits.

If you have any questions or would like just to talk through your options so that you can consider what you feel is the best approach please do not hesitate to phone on +44 (0)1202 555711 or mail on