Saturday exams………..why it’s a fantastic option!

Meeting the challenges of studying whilst working or juggling other commitments

The Challenges

It can be difficult enough fitting in studying around part or full-time work especially if you have a family or other commitments in your spare time. Taking time off work for exams is an issue for many of people. Firstly, you have to allot valuable leave to exam sitting and then there’s the issue of taking the time when you need it. If you are taking a few courses, then this can become problematic when trying to juggle exam bookings. Online options are available for many exams and are great if you are taking an introductory or foundation level exam. Practitioner exams are more complex and require juggling at least 4 documents on screen. The APM PMQ exam is only available as a paper based exam.


CUPE International now offer Saturday afternoon exam sitting at our offices in Bournemouth (12.30pm start). This is in addition to our flexible weekday exams.

We have introduced this to help our hard working students who fed back to us that exam timing is difficult and the exam is not available or they are not comfortable with it online. Already we have had candidates use the service.


Booking couldn’t be simpler. You can order your exam through our website and let us know, via e-mail, your preferred booking times and dates. Alternatively, call into our offices with your details and we can take your exam booking and payment over the phone.

At least 10 days’ notice is needed by the Accreditation bodies before the exam date, to order and receive your exam pack. There is an additional £50 plus VAT on top of your usual course fee to cover admin costs but we feel that is a small price to pay for the freedom of choice a Saturday exam offers.

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