Relax through Project Management!

Project Management Can Help You Relax!

by Sheila Roberts

Can you use the clues below to identify what I’m going to discuss?

1.This can be used to help identify the scope of the project

2.This can be used as a basis to help allocate limited resources

3.This can be used as the basis for scheduling your project activities

I recently delivered a bespoke project management course focused on actual project management delivery using lots of exercises. We did practical planning one week and set the challenge of using what we had learned before the following week. Next week someone came in who I knew had been at a Spa break since the last session so I was interested in the example she wanted to share. It used  product based planning which is the answer to the clues above.

I knew she had a very high pressure role which meant she really needed to relax. She arrived at the Spa to be faced with decisions about how to spend her time and budget for the days she was there. She decided to put her learning into action and, as project manager, went through the steps below.

1.She developed a work breakdown structure (slightly adapted) to show all the choices she had. This was split into the areas of emotional, fitness and nutritional focus. Realising that it was not possible to do all of it within her allocated time or budget, some prioritisation was needed.

2.Knowing that she would not make the right choices without alignment to objectives she reviewed the objectives, total time and total budget available.

3.Prioritisation using the MoSCoW technique was applied to each area and choices made about what would and would not be included in her spa experience.

4.Scheduling activities followed the prioritisation to ensure that the maximum benefits were gained from the resources available.

CUPE bespoke training really develops understanding and enthuses people who can see it makes a difference. The learning will be lifelong as she (and the rest of the group) will not forget this example!

I have recreated the work breakdown structure she brought to the session below.

Relax Breakdown

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