How to deliver a successful project or programme in a climate of uncertainty

How to Deliver a Successful Project or Programme in a Climate of Uncertainty

by David Roberts

America Inspiration Programme

Wow – what a programme! I’m sure many of us were thinking the risks of the Trump campaign succeeding were above our risk appetite!

So what was the secret of success? Perhaps it was igniting a passion in disillusioned voters? Perhaps it was offering change for the future? What we do know is that many experts called it wrong, yet Trump succeeded in the campaign.

If you were to plan this approach as a project or a programme, it appears the keys to success are identifying something which voters feel addresses their needs and will deliver a benefit. Selecting the right messages is as important in political campaigns as selecting the right projects in business. So, as more information becomes available to businesses and their customers, it is for Project Leaders to choose the right ones – as well as managing in the right way. Choosing the right projects is certainly a key to success – it’s a key driver of what makes a great business!

So earlier this year not many would have predicted we would have a Trump Presidency. It is, however, the new reality. The envisaged risks, were less than was apparent. Dissatisfaction with current policies created an opportunity, just as lots of me too products create an opportunity for innovation. It is not CUPE’s place to make political comment, but it is our place to deal with the impact of the consequences. These consequences are an opportunity for clear minded, bold leaders, to connect with their business teams and make a change for good! So, whilst others are pondering uncertainty until Mr Trump is in the White House, now is the time for smart businesses to identify a new strategic direction, assessing their business cases and projects to realise their preferred way forwards.

And we can help.

Here are just a few ways to do it:

1.The first approach is to develop robust business cases by considering approaches which bring true innovation and customer value.  

2.The second approach is to identify great projects! Find-out what characterises truly great projects and how to realise better business outcomes by attending one of our Strategic Project Leadership conferences or courses.

3.The third approach is to reach out to reach out to Business Advisers and Project/Programme Partners who share your vision and passion to succeed.

Ask for more information. Move forward at pace by using our experience. We’ll do more than show you how to deliver success, we’ll be part of the action, where you need immediate help. 

So wherever you are on the journey of improving your business or organisation, CUPE’s recommended approach is that now is the time to go BEYOND BEST PRACTICE; build on experience of best practices and move to the next level of effectiveness. We’ll help you get to the heart of what matters. Just like our political leaders you’ll still need to assess the level and type of risk and uncertainty involved across initiatives and adopt the project or programme management style to the new situation. But the true leaders focus on fundamentals; best practice methods to manage projects and programmes such as Agile, APM, PMI, PRINCE2, AgilePgM or MSP are all helpful, and will enable you to assess business or project risk. But the secret of success comes from combining them skilfully to build effective project teams doing effective project work; when this happens you will be an effective Project Leader.

Found out more about smart tools and ways to assess Business Value, build team spirit and utilise the Diamond of Innovation Tool from our Strategic Project Leadership approach. If you need to rapidly reassess initiatives based on novelty, technology, complexity and pace and overcome levels of uncertainty, we will show you how to do it and develop an effective project or programme leadership style to successfully deliver business value.

Brexit and Trump have shown us the importance of focusing on what matters most. CUPE can assist you in successfully leading your projects to provide more customer value and gain competitive advantage.

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