Career Switch (Part 2) – Choosing the right PM Qualification

By Ben Snell 

Welcome back to the second blog in a series detailing my career switch into project management. In this blog I’ll be discussing a few of the project management qualifications that are out there and why I chose the APM PMQ as the right one for me.

Initially I tailored my CV to accentuate the PM aspects of my previous roles hoping to mask an absence of formal experience. After a few weeks (and dozens of rejections) I realised that I wasn’t getting anywhere and that I needed to do something to make myself stand. I decided that gaining a PM qualification would help me: it would give me a better foundation to enter my new career, it would look good on my CV and it would show that I was serious about switching careers and not just testing the waters. With so many different courses to choose from and only enough time to undertake one, I had an important decision to make about the right way to proceed.

A major advantage of the APM PMQ was that it offered the broadest project knowledge of any of the PM qualifications I researched. This would give me an excellent foundation to build on with practical experience and further on the job learning.

. A huge part of what attracted me to Project Management was the sheer variety of industries that project professionals can work in. The breadth of topics covered were really the main selling point to me; as someone brand new to the profession I felt it would be most beneficial for me to gain an understanding of the key principles of Project Management and how these elements interact with each other in a business environment.

Thanks for reading my second blog. Next time I’ll be covering how to prepare for the exam, what the exam looks like and going over some useful study tips.