Bespoke Methods

The CUPE Consultancy Team knows that every organisation is unique. A simple approach to projects, programmes and portfolios is not appropriate. That is why CUPE Consultants have knowledge and expertise in a range of methods and approaches to bring to our clients.

CUPE Consultants work closely with you, as our client, to draw from the methods to identify the solution that matches your needs. We create bespoke PPM methods, roles and templates to ensure your PPM method reflects the unique aspects of your organisation, while being compliant with best practice.

CUPE Consultants have created bespoke methods based on traditional and Agile project management approaches as well as programme, PMO and portfolio methods. Our experience means we can develop your method quickly and cost effectively. We know that the most important thing about any method is not the elegance of its construction but that it’s used and works!

Clients for whom we have developed bespoke methods include banks, online retailers, manufacturers, housing associations and specialist engineering companies. You know your company. CUPE knows PPM. If you’re interested in how CUPE can help your company benefit from its wide experience, feel free to contact a member of the CUPE Team to find out more!