Facilitation ®  training course

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is needed every day to enable groups to be more effective. It adds structure and process to allow groups to focus on the objectives. The Foundation level confirms that candidates have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Process Iceberg® Facilitation model to be able to effectively contribute to facilitated events. The Practitioner level confirms sufficient understanding the application of facilitation in situations addressing Tasks in Uncertainty, and managing groups that might not have sufficient Process Maturity. 


The course covers:

•The Process Iceberg® Model
•Task and Process
•Format and Tools
•Role of the Facilitator
•Preparing for an Event
•Contract with a Group
•Facilitating an Event
•Applying Process
•Process Iceberg® Review
•Characteristics of a Facilitator

Who is it for?

CUPE’s Facilitation course is aimed at all individuals who need to work with groups in meetings, workshops or events including current and aspiring project, programme and portfolio managers. This course is also relevant to those who want to improve their skills to bring out the best in others by learning tools and techniques to be able to understand more about what people are really saying and how to use process to gain the most value from a meeting. The attendees should include operational line managers or staff. It can also be used in personal situations.


    Classroom courses

    A strong emphasis on the quality of our trainers and course materials is placed at the heart of CUPE courses. CUPEs’ trainers are highly experienced in Project (plus Programme and Portfolio) Management, the skills to support projects and training. This ensures that all our courses are taught in an engaging manner with real-life experiences and examples. Our high standards are also reflected in CUPE’s choice of training venues ensuring that the training environments are conducive to success with results speaking for themselves. Our results are higher than average in all subject areas and at the top in Facilitation.



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     Bespoke and In-house


    CUPE’s in-house option is the best way to train groups of staff on your premises.  The course can be scheduled to fit in with your company’s calendar and for groups of 4 or more, this works out more cost-effective than having them attend a public course.

    The course can be tailored to suit your needs by building the course around your business and business processes thereby making the course more relevant to your circumstances.

    Bespoke and in-house courses:

    Exam options:

    For those who have self-studied and just need some revision e-learning with access to the official sample exams, our Exam Plus 30 package is ideal.  Click below for more details: