MSP®  E-learning and Exams

What is MSP®?

MSP® is a best practice guidance that helps organisations achieve successful outcomes from transformational change. The guidance can be applied in private or public sector organisations large and small. Excellence is achieved by improving practices, offering better services and preparing more effectively for the future.

The Benefits of MSP are:

  • Creates a vision and blueprint for transformational change
  • Designs the programme to deliver the blueprint
  • Identifies the right outcomes and benefits and plans for their delivery
  • Delivers on time, to budget and desired quality
  • Breaks down initiatives into clearly defined projects and offers a framework for handling them
  • Defines responsibilities and lines of communication
  • Involves stakeholders
  • Manages risk and ensures the programme responds to change
  • Audits and maintains quality

How MSP works:

MSP creates a structured framework that is universally applicable, delivers quality outcomes and lasting benefits whilst acknowledging that every programme is unique.

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