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change mgmt

What is Change Management?

Change is inevitable and dealing with change and the impact of change is a high priority for organisations.  Individuals therefore need to develop their capabilities to deal with change before, during and after it occurs.  This course includes:

  • Unlocking resistance to change
  • Enabling teams to work effectively to deal with and embrace change
  • Speed up the implementation of change initiatives

Who is the course for?

CUPE’s Change Management course is aimed at all individuals involved in change including current and aspiring change managers.  This course is also relevant to those involved in the design, development and delivery of change programmes including change leaders, change agents, change implementers, change support and operational line managers or staff.

Exams and e-learning

CUPE’s Exam Plus 30 Days packages are ideal for those who have self-studied and just need revision e-learning and sample papers before taking the exams. A much more cost-effective and flexible method than taking a classroom course.

The exams must be taken within 30 days of purchase and can be sat online 24/7 or at our Bournemouth test centre any working day.


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 Bespoke and In-house


CUPE’s in-house option is the best way to train groups of staff on your premises.  The course can be scheduled to fit in with your company’s calendar and for groups of 4 or more, this works out more cost-effective than having them attend a public course.

The course can be tailored to suit your needs by building the course around your business and business processes thereby making the course more relevant to your circumstances.


Bespoke and in-house courses:

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