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What is Better Business Cases?

CUPE’s Better Business Cases courses are based on the ‘FiveCase Model’ – the UK government’s best practice approach to developing spending proposals and enabling effective business decisions.  The Five Case Model provides a roadmap to developing a business case that:

  • establishes a clear need for intervention (a case for change)
  • sets clear objectives in terms of return on investment
  • considers a wide range of potential solutions ensuring an optimal balance of benefits, cost and risks
  • sets out arrangements to ensure successful delivery of the proposal.

Who is it for?

Our BBC certification is aimed at people overseeing or individuals involved with projects, including:

  • Project/programme sponsors/directors and other directors with responsibility for the successful delivery of programmes and projects
  • Project managers and team members tasked with developing a business case for investment
  • Officers and managers involved in the scrutiny and review of investment proposals.

Exams and e-learning:

CUPE’s Exam Plus 30 Days packages are ideal for those who have self-studied and just need revision e-learning and sample papers before taking the exams. A much more cost-effective and flexible method than taking a classroom course.

The exams must be taken within 30 days of purchase and can be sat online 24/7 or at our Bournemouth test centre any working day.


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