PPM Assurance

Successful project delivery requires processes that objectively inform and empower your project teams. Effective project and risk management needs to be supported by appropriate governance and assurance mechanisms to help you meet the organisational requirements.

Our services are founded on industry recognised best practice. We provide you with informed and impartial expertise and support tailored to the needs of business specific programmes. CUPE have experience in Project, Programme and Portfolio Management. CUPE’s services include risk management, value management, governance and PPM assurance.

Assessment Centres

Programme Managers and HR Professionals frequently ask how to distinguish the truly excellent or those with high potential from other project staff. For many organisations, it is essential to answer the question, who can really deliver change projects in PPM environments. That is where CUPE Assessment Centres help.

CUPE can provide Assessment Centres for APM Practitioner or bespoke PPM Assessment Centres which test the specific areas needed by your company.

Who are the Assessment Centres for?

The APM Practitioner qualification is for individuals who want to show that they can effectively manage a non-complex project across its life-cycle. You will need to demonstrate your experience.

Suitable candidates will have experience of managing non-complex projects or will have been a team member of a more complex project. Candidates wishing to take the APM Practitioner need to hold the APM-PMQ certification.