What is a PMO?

 A project management office (abbreviated to PMO) is a group or department within a business, agency, or enterprise that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization.

The PMO works to standardise and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects.

The PMO is the source of documentation, guidance and metrics on the practice of project management and execution.

    PMO Flow Chart
    • Strategic Fit
      Review the purpose and functions of the PMO; consider how the PMO fits into the organisation modernisation or transformation agenda.
    • Review Requirements
      Define the functional capabilities and capacity of the PMO at Portfolio, Programme and Project levels. Identify and confirm gaps or constraints.
    • Design and Value
      Consider different PMO designs; their attractiveness to senior management and delivery teams and rank the PMO functions. Design PMO organisation options and select a preferred approach.
    • Implement and Test
      Identify implementation options and choose improvements which maximise attractiveness within risk or achievability limits. Review capability plus capacity.
    • Support and Improve
      Clarify PMO functions which are fully or partly functioning and the gap to required performance. Ensure adequacy of professional services support to close gaps in PMO provision.
    Rapid on-site PMO Set-Up

    Whether your organization has experience with PMOs or is in the process of establishing one for the first time, the Rapid On-site PMO Set-up service delivered by our most experienced senior consultants provides a clearly-defined, detailed set of recommendations based on best practice which grants insight and transparency into critical business programs which leads to effective decisions and better overall program control.

    We treat the PMO set-up as a project, focusing on delivery of capabilities, processes, role descriptions, templates, tools and governance. We deliver a simplified, integrated PMO solution comprising 4 stages, complete in 10 days.

    PMO Set-Up Structure

    • Stage1: Before first site visit – Simply fill in our Quick Assessment tool. This helps us understand your current situation and commence work towards a suitable solution.
    • Stage 2: First Day on-site – Individual sessions with key people, – Workshops with group of people.
    • Stage 3: Off-site Data Assessment, Analysis & Reporting – Your CUPE Consultant will re-assess the Questionnaire results and analyse key findings from 1-on-1 sessions or workshops conclusions. The PMO Implementation Package is prepared integrating a comprehensive set of factual recommendations.
    • Stage 4: ½ Day On-Site Visit – Your CUPE Consultant returns to the site to present your Implementation Package complete with recommendations for your PMO’s scope, structure, governance, resources, and tools (including software).
    PMO Health Check

    Our rapid on-site PMO Assessment Service (often referred to as PMO Health Check) provides an objective, independent evaluation of your PMO’s current organisational efficiency and effectiveness, aligned with best management practice and designed to meet business environment needs.
    We advise on cost and complexity issues, aligning swift assessment options to your PMO requirements and portfolio decisions as well as assisting you confirm or rewrite assumptions, constraints and variables.


    Delivered in 2 ½ days with 4 stages by our most experienced senior consultants, it will help your organisation identify specific areas for improvement and analyse the real nature of current practices that will enable management for continuous PMO improvement.

    Our assessment puts your methodologies, processes, tools, use of technology and resources under the microscope to produce a tailored set of options immediately applicable to the organisation. One size does not fit all in a PMO Health Check!

    PMO Health Check Structure

    • Stage 1: Before First Site Visit or Webinar- Simply fill in the Quick Assessment Questionnaire. This helps us understand your PMO’s needs and focus the approach and content of the first day on-site visit.
    • Stage 2: One Day On-Site Visit or Webinar – Individual sessions with key people (morning). Workshops with group of key people (afternoon).
    • Stage 3: Off-Site Data Assessment, Analysis & Reporting – Your CUPE Consultant will re-assess the Questionnaire results and analyse key findings from 1-on-1 sessions and workshops conclusions. The PMO Assessment Report is prepared integrating a comprehensive set of factual remarks on your PMO’s structure, governance, scope, resources and tools (including software).
    • Stage 4: ½ Day On-Site Visit or Webinar – Your CUPE Consultant returns to the site to present the complete Assessment Report with information on maturity level, strengths and weaknesses as well as bench marking against other organisations.
      CUPE provide excellent quality services that paved the way for industry-leading customer retention rates. We truly believe our rapid on-site PMO Assessment will deliver great benefits for your organization and have therefore developed an Implementation Consulting Package as an optional follow-up.