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Sometimes you may not want to fix your project, programme and portfolio management problems yourself or you may need immediate help with a setback. In those cases you want to call in experts who can resolve an issue and leave you to enjoy the benefits afterwards. Whatever your circumstances, CUPE International provides the professional services and experts who can help you.

All of our certified consultants have extensive experience of project, programme and/or portfolio delivery and can use their specialist knowledge to assist you in any professional role. They can work on-site with you or work remotely; they can be dedicated full-time to you or available on a needs only basis. It’s up to you. Whatever option you choose, you will quickly find that CUPE can take away your pain and restore your peace of mind.


CUPE offers a wide range of professional services to all business improvement challenges. A selection of our capabilities and stories of our successes are visible on the right. This is just a snapshot of what we can do. The best way to get a fuller picture of how we can help you is to contact us. Based on your enquiry, we’ll set up a call with one of our experts who will have the experience that matches your challenge.

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