Partnering with CUPE International is the smartest choice for any company that wants to grow its project, programme and/or portfolio management (P3M) business. CUPE has the largest P3M product suite which ensures you will have access to the largest number of Best Practices from APMGAPM and PMI any partner could give you.

With over 40 partners worldwide we have perfected the process for you to become a partner to ensure it’s as easy as possible. Several types of partnership are available to discuss. We have consulting partners, ATO’s, affiliates, ATO licensees, resellers and strategic business partners. Each type of partnership is covered by an easy to understand agreement and transparent benefits and costs.


As part of our company values, we always set out to build long term relationships. In our partnerships this means we focus on cooperating. We ensure that you are provided with full answers, we will help you grow and develop and we invest in each partnership because we know that it will result in yet another CUPE Ambassador. We trust you to have the same approach so we can learn, grow and benefit from you as well.

So build your brand, expand your reach and benefit from the best by becoming a CUPE International partner. Contact us or leave your details in our contact form and we’ll contact you!