CUPE Advisory and Consulting Approach

The drive to change is more and more compelling; digital information enables customers and suppliers to switch providers or business partners with ease, and organisations respond by enhancing product and service portfolios using research techniques.

    As an Agile Implementation Partner® CUPE enables transformation teams to deliver more, more quickly, using audit and improvement cycles to identify where best practice assistance will enhance performance, and transferring it to teams.

    Modernisation of project & programme working is central to success for top teams needing to adopt a digital-first mind-set, where combining skills in Business Change, Product & Service development Customer Service are essential to realise improvements.

    1. For senior management, the number one challenge is selecting the right things to do. CUPE has smart methods and tools for that!
    2. It’s critical to select change processes by understanding the customer value added, and linking processes to project complexity. That’s where audit & improvement comes in!
    1. Align selected PPM methods and cover process gaps with professionals – impacting project objectives & smoothing transitionCUPE has PPM experts to help you!
    1. Research, refine & support digital service.  We update PPM Governance, from Lessons
    2. Continue to focus on Business Agility. CUPE brief leadership teams on next steps!!

    Five steps ensure:

    • The right products/services are selected for development
    • New project complexity is analysed and linked to project governance
    • Project capability gaps are identified and overcome
    • Transformed digital products and services introduced
    • Business agility is assured through continuing professional development